1. An entry may be submitted by any paid-up member; no member may make more than one entry on each competition.

2. An entry shall consist of EIGHT album sheets of a recognised size (except for the ONE SHEET COMPETITION), and must be the bona fida property and sole work of the entrant.

3. Entries may be handed to the Secretary up to the commencement of the meeting. In the event of there being fewer than two entries, the competition will not be held nor the trophy awarded that year.

4. A trophy shall be held by the winner for one year and shall be presented at a suitable time at the discretion of the Committee. The second and third placed members will be presented with a certificate. Trophies are not insured by the Society and the holders shall take all reasonable care for their safety.

5. The value of an entry shall not be taken into account in the judging. Mint and used stamps are permissible on the same page.

6. The name of the individual owner shall not appear on the front of the entry.

7. Any entrant who wins a trophy in two consecutive years shall not be eligible to enter thatcompetition in the following year. Any entry which wins or has won a Society trophy shall not be eligible for entering into any future Society competition unless altered in some material respect.

8. Judging of society competitions will be by at least two members of a panel of judges selected by the Committee from Senior or experienced members. Every member on the panel wishing to enter any competition will remove himself or herself from the list for that competition. No member on the list will be under any obligation to attend any meeting at which there is a competition, but if attending he or she may be expected to judge.

9. The Committee's decision is final in all matters relating to competitions.

General rules for all competitions